Thursday, 27 August 2009

Day 18 - 24th August

Today could possibly be one of the best days of my life! Firstly the news filtered through to me that England had regained the ashes. It sounds like the last two tests were pretty awesome so if anyone has a copy of them would you be able to save it for me? Cheers for keeping me updated. It was kinda hard to share the success as most people on the boat don’t really know what cricket is all about and almost no one had even heard of the ashes, except of course Helen who is from Oxford University.

The second thing that happened, and probably the most incredible, is that we saw a POLAR BEAR!!!!! One moment I was looking through some Matlab code and the next almost the entire crew including the scientists had appeared on the starboard side with enough cameras to be a bona fide paparazzi team. Although the bear was quite far away and therefore pictures are not amazing, it could be clearly seen with the naked eye. It was just walking across one of the nearby floes paying us absolutely no attention to us and the big red boat cruising past. It just goes to show how it knows it is the top of the food chain and therefore does not need to be afraid of anything. Further down the floe was a pile of bloody remains which I guess was the bear’s lunch!

After completing all the work up north, the boat has begun to head south again. We spent the entire day cruising down the length of Ellesmere Island before turning west into Cardigan Strait. We were cruising for the entire day so very little work got done.

In the evening the Henry Larsen ‘Ironman Competition’ took place. We were split up into teams of two and had to compete in a variety of events such as tug-of-war and hockey shooting on the helicopter deck, word unscrambling, treasure hunts and who could draw the best picture of the captain. It was a wicked night and didn’t wrap up till after one. The ships karaoke set was then brought out, so after a bit of cajoling I went ahead and embarrassed myself. It was all a good laugh though and no one really cared how bad you sounded. Phew!!

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