Thursday, 6 August 2009

Newfoundland - St. John's

Well the first leg of our journey up into the Artic is complete after arriving safe and sound in St. John's, Newfoundland. The flight over was a bit crazy as our first flight out of Victoria was delayed by three hours. This meant we all had to be re routed via other airports and flights to make sure we still arrived here with a day to spare. I very nearly missed my new flight after not noticing that it was different to the rest of the teams. At 8.00am I was still at the house while boarding started at 8.25 am. Fortunately a fast taxi ride and run through the airport meant I didnt miss it!!

Our day in St. John's was not what I expected for the first day of a science cruise - we went on a pub crawl. The area has a couple of really good micro breweries and brew pubs all with walking distance of each other, so we decided to visit them all. It was really good to meet a few more people who are on the cruise who I hadn't met at the IOS and they are all really nice. Its going to be such an awesome cruise!! Well is 6.15pm here and I need to go have a shower before going out for the pre cruise meal at 7.00pm so I should get going. Hope you are all well

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