Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 8 – 14th August

Well to be honest I never made it back last night. I went to the bar as soon as the station was over! So to quickly finish of yesterday we had the evening off as there were no CTD sections to be completed. Instead we spent a good evening down in the crews’ lounge playing darts, fussball and generally getting to know the crew better. They are a fantastic bunch of people!

We woke up today to thick pea soup fog which quickly threw a spanner into all the days plans. We wanted to start heading further north but the ice reports were not good and therefore the captain didn’t want to get under way without an ice reconnaissance flight. But because the fog was so thick the helicopter couldn’t fly so we ended up just not really moving anywhere for most of the days. The two Daves had hoped to replace another weather station on Hans Island but of course couldn’t without the helicopter. In the end most people just spent the day working on their own tasks be it data download, data analysis, instrument cleaning, mooring construction etc etc.

In the end though some work was completed. The ship sailed the short distance back to the ice floe where Michelle and her crew were working yesterday so they could install their GPS tracker. They got lowered from the ship onto the ice in the man basket before soon heading off into the murk along the line they had drilled yesterday. Of course a crew member was with them with a rifle in case of a polar bear! We also got some work done in the end by completing the water sampling section I mentioned in yesterdays post. The rest of the evening was again spent chilling out with the crew but this time in the officer’s lounge. We all had to complete the Newfoundland IQ test in which everyone came to a pretty stick end…….but hopefully I think we all passed!

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